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Sex scandal in Ebonyi State University: Lecturer sacked, another suspended over sex-for-grade

Ebonyi State University students raises alarm over incessant sexual harassment they face in school

Students of Ebonyi state University (EBSU), Abakaliki, yesterday lamented sexual harassment and extortion by their lecturers.

This is even as a lecturer in the Faculty of Education has been sacked by the school management and another in the department of History and International Relations (HIR), Onwe Chinedu Ogah suspended.

Ogah is currently facing a disciplinary committee of the University over alleged sexual harassment and extortion.

Investigations show that students of the school pay between N10,000 and N30,000 to pass a particular course or sleep with lecturers if they cannot pay the amount with those rewriting their courses as carryovers as major victims of the trend.

The trend has been on in the school for long and has its name as sorting.

A victim, Chinenye Chike, said she had carry over in her HIR department because she failed to pay N10,000 demanded by the lecturer or sleep with the lecturer.

She said “I had extra year because I couldn’t give N10, 000 to my lecturer who is now facing disciplinary panel. I carried my two months old baby to re-write his course – Major World Revolution and he made me borrow extra-five courses”.

Another victim, Sylvia Ibiam said after paying money to one of her lecturers to pass her, the lecturer insisted that she must sleep with him which she refused leading to the hiding of her project by the lecturer.

When contacted, Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Francis Idike confirmed that sexual harassment and extortion have become order of the day in the institution.

His words “I know that there is a case involving this particular young man. I also know that by Friday the first report on the young man from the (disciplinary) committee came to me. I also know that I am currently studying the report at the end of which I will send it to the management for decision.

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“From the management, depending on their decision, it may go to council. It is only after going to Council that decision would have been reached. If the management decision is such that, because there is a kind of decision that would be reached at the management, and then it will go to Council for final decision.

“If the management takes a particular decision not involving dismissal or termination, the case stops there. That is our procedure. Right now the report has been given to me by the (disciplinary) committee last Friday. I am currently working on it. Thereafter, I will send it to my management for their decision.

“The case may end there. At the end of which if you ask me of the verdict, i will tell you. The case will proceed to Council.

“So many people have been calling me and saying that they saw it on Facebook that decision has been taken, this and that. I don’t know where these people actually get this information. I don’t know how to use Facebook and WhatsApp.

“The lecturer is on suspension. How can you sack somebody without (going through) stages? The (disciplinary) committee has completed its assignment and submitted it to the Vice-Chancellor. I am studying after which I will send it to the management.

“I don’t have the total number off head, but I know there so many of it. In fact, there was one we just decided last week based on sex for grade. A female lecturer was terminated. It happened in the Faculty of Education. Just last week, the Council took a final decision on the recommendation of the committee. And that matter has already been written and it is posted on our website. I mean there are so many of them; quite a good number of them”.