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Ice Prince’s Girlfriend In Cheating Scandal, Exposed On IG – Ice Prince Reacts


Last week, Ice Prince’s girlfriend, Maima Nkewa shared a photo of them together and professed her undying love for him..and that started the whole madness.

 Someone left a comment on her page accusing her of dating some married man named Akin in Abuja. And a few hours later, receipts were produced in the form of the photos below.

Someone then released photos of Maima and the said Akin in same location at same time. They were both posting on their instagram pages but not together 8 weeks ago while she was in a relationship with Ice Prince.


Well, guess what. The Abuja big boy who Maima allegedly cheated on Iceprince with has by himself posted revealing photos of himself with Maima enjoying a recent vacation in Paris. And the photos have Iceprince nowhere in sight.
Akin posted the pics on his Instagram and after he was sure a media blog had picked it up, he deleted the pics from his IG.

Ice Prince sounds so bothered as he has been reacting in a series of tweets since Sunday.

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