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Linda Ikeji Under Fire After She Claimed She Bought This Expensive Hermes Designer Bag - Photos

Some fans were always tormenting Linda Ikeji who is fond of posting her shoes and bags collection on Instagram about not having a Birkin bag. A birkin bag is a very expensive and high end designer bag by Hermes.

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Linda posted these two pictures of birkin bags she purchased and fans came for her due to the stress it takes to buy a birkin bag as there is usually a long list of clientele and waiting period which could be up to 3 years before a person can purchase one birkin bag. Some have even reported that a person can only buy one birkin bag per year and Kim Kardashian is even reported to have waited years to get a birkin bag.

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Putting all this into consideration must have been the reason, some fans were not buying it when she posted pictures of her birkin bags and they called it fake.

See some reaction below:

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