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Olajumoke "The Bread Seller" Turned Model Shares Stunning New Photos; Shoot Covered By CNN

The remarkable story of Olajumoke Orisaguna is one that’s been on the lips of everyone since last week. The Agege-bread seller turned model is doing amazingly well and even has her own Instagram page created for her by the modelling company she got signed to.

She shared a video via the page and announced that her shoot will be covered by CNN. That’s really an amazing news and we’re so happy for her remarkable success. She shared the video with the caption:
I’m so excited that CNN will be covering my shoot with @aprilbykunbi today with my agency’ CEO @official_forbfew I can’t wait to share my exciting story with them tomorrow thanks to @tybello @bimpeonakoya @zubbydefinition @fewmodels #dreamsdocometrue #CNN #fewmodel

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