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“S*x Has Ruined My Life” – Man Who Slept With Over 400 Women Cries Out - Photos

Benny James, from London, England, UK, boasts he had sex with more than 400 women but it ruined his life.

A 22-year-old playboy, whose longest relationship lasted just a week, says he is now bored of sex and hopes to find that special someone one day.

He said: “I want to settle down and start a family but I’ve become so used to sleeping with girls that I’m not attracted to them after sex,’ Mr James said. I end up hurting them but not deliberately. Since the start of the year I’ve been out with six girls – one for a whole week. I’ve tried to calm down the sex – I’m only sleeping with about two each week now.”

Benny’s Twitter account has more that 90,000 followers and is filled with photos of sexy scanitly-clad women flirting with him and offering to meet.

Hard to believe but the young man claims he feels lonely and objectified as the only thing women want from him is sex.

He added: “I look at them and all they want from me is sex but I can’t give it to them. They could be Rhianna but it doesn’t matter. I’m really bored of having sex all the time. Sex has ruined my life. When I find a girl I really like I try and put off sex as I know I won’t chat to them after that. It’s my natural instinct.
Most of the girls I sleep with know me from Twitter and then come to see me on nights out when I make guest appearances in clubs. But all they want from me is sex – I just can’t find the one. I feel objectified and disgusted that they only want sex – a lot of girls are so much more open about it now.”

Sexual addiction is a conceptual model that describes compulsive participation or engagement in sexual activity, despite negative consequences. It develops through the same biomolecular mechanisms that induce drug addictions.

Specifically, sexual activity has been shown to be highly rewarding and naturally reinforcing. Excessive activation of the associated reward-reinforcement mechanisms has been directly implicated in the development of compulsive sexual behavior.

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