How The Glo X-factor’s DNA Twins,Clint And Blair Were Kidnapped

The teenage music duo, Clint and Blair popularly known as The DNA Twins has been kidnapped yesterday on their way to Lagos from ABUJA.

Eyewitness said unknown gunmen ambushed their bus on the road and shot the driver, robbed the whole bus and took the twins.

The kidnappers contacted the family and demanded 6 Million Naira and gave today as the deadline. The issue has been reported to the ABUJA Division Of Nigerian Police.

According to an eye witness:

We boarded the bus from Ekeson bus Utako Abuja enroute to lagos, made a stop over at girri junction to pick up three other passengers. We stopped at Lokoja for some refreshments, after a 10-15 mins drive from lokoja, we were ambushed by some unknown gunmen who shot three times at our vehicle,we all ran into a nearby bush leaving all our belongings in the bus, when we got back most of our stuffs were left unscathed except for a few bags.

A good Samaritan drove our bus to Ferma office at Kabba Junction, where doctors at the road safety office treated the driver and removed the bullets. The road safety officials took a head count from the passenger manifest and realized that two people were missing, a passenger by name Mr Ijeoma called the Abuja office to report the case and request for a new bus, which they swiftly responded to by confirming that two boys were kidnapped and the kidnappers are demanding a ransom of 6million, also the management sent a bus immediately which i personally found impressive.

The bus sent by Ekeson Transport from abuja to convey us to lagos arrived around 3pm and we boarded and left for lagos at around 3:20PM without the twins onboard.

This incident occurred around 11:40am yesterday the 24th of April 2016


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