Nigerians Do Not Need Visas To Get Into Ghana – Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister

Yesterday, a piece of information made the rounds claiming that from July of this year, Nigerians would need a Visa to get into Ghana.
The Current Minister for Foreign Affairs in Ghana, Hanna Tetteh has come out to debunk the story. Earlier quotes attributed to the Ghanaian President made the rounds. It was alleged that he said:

With effect from July this year, we will be allowing citizens of AU Member States to enter our country and obtain visas on arrival with the option to stay for up to thirty days and experience what our country has to offer,”

“This measure, with time, should stimulate air travel, trade, investment and tourism.”

Mrs. Tetteh on her Twitter account has said this is a misinterpretation and that Nigerians won’t need visas in line with ECOWAS’ provision.


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