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Comedian AY Shares Inspiring Story Of How He Spend 9yrs In University

Ay and his brothers

 In the Nigerian entertainment industry, AY Makun rings a bell! the Ace Comedian is one among the successful Nigerian Comedians.

Talking about himself and how he pushed towards achieving his dreams, AY Makun spent 9 good years in the university, and it wasn't easy to get to where he is today.

He took to his instagram to inspire Fans by recounting how he spent 9 yrs in Delta University due to hardship.

Read below:

In December 1999 when my dad passed, It was difficult to take over his position as the first son. It became even more difficult when my mum decided to join him in no time.
Embracing the responsibilities of taking care of my four sisters and two baby brothers wasn't the best message to preach to a waiting landlord whose rent must be paid in due time. The combination of being a big brother and father came with a price that kept me in Delta State University for 9 years as a student.

Apart from the non-negotiable Christian upbringing from my parents, my dad always drilled me, and made me tough. He taught me how to be a strong independent youngman. How to carry my siblings along as a leader of purpose. Though it wasn't an easy journey for me or any of my younger ones, as we all struggled together. But hope was like the sun, which casts the shadows of our burden behind us. 
I never stopped dreaming that one day our story would change and take each and everyone of us towards the direction of success. Apart from thanking God for all He has done for me as successful comedian, this is just my way of also saying "I AM PROUD" of my baby brothers @lanremakun of Lanre Makun Events and @yomicasual (the Fashion Designer) for embracing and indulging the paths that is beginning to position them as individual brands in their respective endeavours.

Above all, you guys must bear in mind that the only way to continue the journey to success, is to remain focused.
Humility is the true key to succeed in life. Eradicate every form of arrogance and self-indulging trap that will halt your blessings from God. See you at the top.

My name is not Ben Bruce, but I just want to share my thoughts. Lol #nobodyweynofittomakeam


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