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So Sad! Abuja Youth Corper Pictured Sleeping on a Bridge in Kubwa (Photos)


It was just like an horror scene from a scary movie, stumbling on a body snoring away on a pedestrian bridge few metres away from Kubwa Garage. As if that was not enough, the snoring fellow was gorgeously cladded in the highly revered NYSC outfit.

Upon waking him up, the horror story he narrated will exhaust several pages. Is it not unfathomable that fresh graduate of one of Nigeria's ivory tower has been rendered homeless in the course of serving his fatherland?

To further add salt to his injury, he was outrightly rejected by the government parastatal he was posted to for no concrete reason. To further exacerbate his predicament, the unfortunate young Nigerian graduate is battling with pneumonia.

This is to serve as a wake up call to our policy makers to holistically review the NYSC Acts. Also, as a short term solution, we hereby call upon every well meaning Nigerian to come to the aid of Abuja corp members before the untold stress impinged on innocent corps members exceeds yield point.

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