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Unbelievable! See the Bizarre Photo an EgyptAir Hostess Posted on Facebook Before Plane Went Missing

Samar Ezz Eldin
As the search for the missing EgyptAir flight that went off the radar intensifies, a new revelation has been made abut possible insider roles.
Samar Ezz Eldin, a flight stewardess feared dead after an EgyptAir jet crashed into the Mediterranean posted the bizarre image below of a plane crash on her Facebook page.

The image appears to show a female flight attendant emerging from the sea with the wreckage of a plane crash behind her.

It was shared by Samar Ezz Eldin who is thought to have been one of the crew members onboard the doomed airliner.

Experts fear it crashed into the sea while traveling from Paris to Cairo following a terror attack.

The image shows a plane with its nose in the water and an air stewardess walking unfazed from the sea with her luggage.

All 66 passengers and crew are believed to have died when the EgyptAir plane crashed. There was no distress call before the jet vanished off the radar while flying in clear weather.

A leading aviation expert has now raised concerns that the EgyptAir plane could have been downed following an inside job by a member of staff.

Mike Vivian, who is the former head of flight operations for the Civil Aviation Authority, said concerns that somebody on the plane or at the airport helped launch a devastating terror attack was “a major worry”.

His comments come as officials in France focus on whether a possible breach of security happened at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr Vivian was asked if it could be "an inside job".

He replied: "Well, that is a really interesting question and it is a worry that has been in security minds for a long time now.
"It is a major worry and I do not think it is insignificant that lots of people at Paris Charles de Gaulle lost their airside pass because of radicalisation.

"The question has to be how did they get their in the first place and what sort of screening is going on vis-a-vis these airport employees."

Mr Vivian said he believe the plane could have been downed because of a hijack situation or a struggle.

He also admitted that despite security around cockpits hardening since 9/11,they are not completely secure.

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