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Why I Slapped the Eko Hotel Gateman - Comedian Seyi Law Narrates His Side of the Story

Comedian Seyi Law reportedly abused a security guard, Peter Ethan slapping him severally at Kiss Daniel's "New Era" Album Lunch Concert which was attended by many celebrities at the Eko Hotel and Suites on Sunday, May 15.(Read full detail here)

Reacting  to this report which was first reported by Vanguard, the Ace Comedian has come to tell his own side of the story.

 Seyi Law revealed that truly he slapped Peter but he did that because the security officer was rude to him. Adding that, he has read other reports about what happened and no one on their right senses would just slap someone who was trying to help him out.

Comedian Seyi Law Seyi Law said: “After Kiss Daniels show, I was on my way home but there was traffic because so many people were trying to drive out of Eko Hotel.

After hailing me as usual, one of the security guards (Peter Ethan) walked up to me and told me to take another route in order to ease traffic and o obeyed when I go to the other gate another security officer told me to go back to where I was coming from and I did not complain.

On getting back the gate I was coming back from, Peter walked up to me to go through the other gate again and I told him I was directed back here. To my surprise the security officer told me how many people have turned back from where I was coming from and said ‘Oga abeg dey go’ and turned his face.”

“I got angry and when I tried coming out of my car to explain to the other security passing cars behind me, the security man used the door of my car to hit me which got me angrier and I got down again and slapped him.

On seeing this security I was going to meet came to me and I explained what happened. Then I got into my car and drive out of the Hotel.”

The comedian further added if truly he was wrong he would have written an apology letter to the person involved saying: “the next day, I got a call from Eko Hotel and Suites asking me about what transpired between myself and one of their security officers and when I told them my own side of the story, they have not gotten back to me. If I was wrong I think they would have called me back ever since.”

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