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You Wont Believe How a Nigerian Mother Packaged Gala to Send to Her Children in UK (Photos)

A Nigerian woman concealed a pack of Gala in a bible pack and sent it to her children living in the United Kingdom. Further reports have it that her children who probably grew up in Nigeria were missing the popular brand of snacks and wanted to have a taste to have a feel of Nigeria.

The story has been trending on social media and other Nigerians with family members abroad have recounted their experiences.

Read what these two top commenters have to say:

One social media user said:

"That sounds funny tho,but it becoming something else. Last time my sister came back from Los Angeles, U.S, when going back, she had several dozens of gala stacked in her bag. Even when the bag exceeded the required weight in the air port. she insisted some other valuable things be removed to keep the gala intact. I think Harrysong was right about it. AFTER THE GALA,WE GO STILL SHARE ANOTHER GALA".

Another person said: "I can cousin makes sure her Gala,oroki herbal mixture, plastic bottled groundnut and kuli kuli must go with her.she'l even drop some clothes just for space"

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