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How Married Woman I Gave a Lift in Enugu Stole My Tablet from My Car - Man Recounts

A social media user has narrated how his electronic gadget got missing after he gave a strange woman a lift in his car from work.

Read the shocking story below:

Am still in shock! Yesterday around 6:55am I was driving to work and I got to the junction before Ebeano Tunnel in Enugu, saw a woman who looked elderly atleast in her mid forties flagging me down I didnt want to stop but on the second thought I stopped.

I have been regretting that decision ever since. The lady/woman tried striking a conversation but all that was on my mind was to drop her and head to my office at Presidential Road Enugu. After stating her name she asked my name and where I work since it appeared from my dressing that I was heading to work. I told her my name but lied about where I worked. Initially she said she was heading to Okpara Square which happened to be along my route to office when I told her where worked she changed her mind and said she would drop at Tuscann Hotel junction.

I had no problem since the junction is still close to my supposed office. Shortly before the junction, she insisted on giving me her number at that point I reached for my tablet at the back seat switched it on and dial her digits and then dropped my tablet beside me not at the back seat again. When she dropped i drove off and got to my office cos inside of me I was happy I had dropped her off. Just as I was about alighting from my car I started looking for my Tablet like play like play it wasnt inside my car. I searched everywhere even in my boot to no avail. At that point I realised I made a grave mistake by giving a total stranger a drive.

On the other hand, it could have been worse than that. Enugu as a city dont wake up early unlike places like lagos so at 7am the roads are still abit scanty so she could actually snatch my car or kidnap me with no one knowing. Though the experience made me determine not to give lift to people which i normally do especially when am driving from Enugu to Awka.

But my question is why would someone wake up that early to prowl on innocent people? What could have been her motive of taking such high risk cos if I had discovered it earlier and raise alarm she could be mugged just for a tablet??

Please Enugu Residents be careful of giving people lifts.

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