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Top 5 best video recorders in 2017 (price vs quality ratio)

DVR is a great way to provide additional security for your car, your own home or even win a case in the court.

A lot of us are simply not familiar with this technology in detail. How does the DVR differ from a conventional camera? Can you control it with your smartphone? What are the best models you can find on the market today? You will find the answers in this post!

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Neoline EVO Z1

● This DVR model is able to record 1920 × 1080 video at 30 fps;

● The viewing angle is 150°;

● The screen is 1.5 - 320 × 240;

● Features a shock sensor;

● Independent work up to 45 minutes;

● Features a built-in microphone.

● Good assembly quality;

● Good magnetic fastening;

● Good quality recording and sound.

Sho-Me Combo 5-A7

● The device has a radar detector 2 in 1;

● Video recording - 1920 × 1080 (30 fps);

● Viewing angle is 140° and the screen is 2.4";

● Features a shock sensor and GPS;

● Runs on battery power;

● You can connect to a TV via HDMI;

● There is a 1024 MB built-in memory;

● Supports microSD memory card;

● Features a built-in microphone.

TrendVision TDR-708GP

● The device records video with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 at 30 fps;

● The viewing angle is 160 °;

● The screen is 2.7 ";

● Features a G-sensor (shock sensor) and GPS;

● Operates on battery - up to 15 minutes;

● You can connect to the TV with an HDMI cable;

● There is a 2048 MB built-in memory ;

● Supports microSD and microSDXC memory cards;

● Features a built-in microphone. 

AdvoCam FD8 Red-II

As sales statistics show, this model received the highest score from user reviews. This DVR costs about $100 - $130.

This is a budget camera with a minimum set of functions. Details:

● Weight - 76 grams, compact size;

● Fastened to the sucker;

● Features customizable recording - in continuous mode / cyclic or 1-15 minutes videos;

● Records in Full-HD or HD at a speed of 30 and 60 fps respectively;

● The viewing angle 120°;

● Features a built-in microphone. 

Xiaomi YI Smart Dash Camera

● Minimalistic design;

● Full HD 1080p shooting with a frequency of 60 fps;

● Night mode;

● 165-degree viewing angle;

● High-quality 2.7-inch display. 

Each of the above DVRs is great in its own way. They look different, so you can choose a device to your own liking.

There are even more affordable models - they often have simplified functionality, a flimsy case and a bad camera module. The most expensive devices are the ones where the video recorder and the detector are combined.

Thus, we have reviewed the top 5 video recorder in 2017 with the best price-quality ratio. 


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